painted dresser

Dresser Re-do with ADAR FLAIR!

This last week has been pretty eventful at Tweak It Studio. I refinished a children's dresser into a chic media console, tweaked some old books into playful bookcase art and customized a Remix Jenga Set for hockey team fanatics... all with some ADAR FLAIR! Whew - Just typing that out sounds like quite the event!
Let's start with the dresser - Talk about a transformation! Starting off all white with a random pink drawer and child like pulls, this dresser was less to be desired. Poor thing!


My client requested a classic black and white chic color palette with pops of gold for some added glam. No biggie! Black? White? Metallic? ...the color story of my life! 


After cleaning, lightly sanding and removing the knobs I primed with grey primer since I knew black was going to be my top coat. While priming two ideas came to mind. One - I should leave the trim detail along the side white for a more expensive look. Two - The panels on the front of each drawer slide out! (life changing) I only need to paint the panels keeping the drawer frames in white for that crown molding kinda vibe. Once I locked in on the new design plan and the primer had dried, I rolled out the first coat of black paint. HUGE difference already. This dresser was growing up before my eyes!



 As the first coat was drying I ran out to Hobby Lobby to source some affordable gold knobs. I needed two types that complimented each other. 3 for the top small drawers and 8 for the larger big drawers. The knob aisle was pretty picked over but I lucked out with the perfect combo of glam inspired hardware that both me and the client were pumped about.


After the second coat of black dried I couldn't wait to get the new knobs on that dresser- And girl did it add all the glam ... This dresser turned media console GLOWED all the way UP !!! So modern chic with a classic touch and some much needed bling.


And all it took was some black paint, new hardware and some ADAR FLAIR!

Stay tune for tomorrow's blog entry about how to use old books and paint to style your bookcase like an artist ... You don't want to miss it!